3 Must-Serve Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving can be stressful enough – with all the planning involved, having all of the dishes ready at exactly the right time, and of course, the massive clean-up effort. We’re here to take one big planning piece off your to-do list: finding the perfect wine paring to complement the meal you’re so carefully crafting.

Or maybe it’s deciding what wine to bring to impress your in-laws!

These are our hand-picked favorite Thanksgiving wines. Each pairs perfectly with the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Offering all three wines to guests will guarantee there’s something to please everyone at the table, no matter what their wine preferences are.

Etcetera Rosé

Rosés may have gained popularity as the hippest wine around recently, but we’ve been making this classic wine for years. Made from a blend of Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, this wine pairs perfectly with savory favorites. Commonly recommended for the Thanksgiving table, this wine balances a light sweetness with bright, crisp fruit flavors.

Gamay Noir Reserve

This full-bodied red wine is the perfect red to accompany any Thanksgiving feast. Offering a well-balanced and fruity aroma, Gamay Noir is well known for how easily it pairs with a wide variety of foods. With the diversity of foods served for Thanksgiving, this is the red to reach for.

Dry Riesling

What kind of northern Michigan winery would we be if we didn’t recommend a Riesling? We’ve been perfecting the Riesling since we opened our vineyards in 1974, and the flavors in our seven versions of the wine bring those years of experience to life. Our Dry Riesling is crisp and fruity with a clean finish, making it perfect to sip alongside a heavy Thanksgiving meal.

Find these wines in stores, online, or stop in our tasting room to taste them first. The holidays are a busy time – why not pick up a whole case so you’re always ready to celebrate? If holiday survival isn’t enough of an incentive, we offer case discounts! Happy Thanksgiving.