6 Wine & Junk Food Pairings for National Junk Food Day

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“Can you please pass the cheesy poofs and the Pinot Grigio?”

Everyone loves it when good wine is paired with complementary cheese or charcuterie. But in celebration of National Junk Food Day, we’re offering suggestions that match fine wine with items from the checkout aisle.

Just maybe, these ideas will have you saying, “Hey, who would of thought? This is actually pretty good!”

6 Wine & Junk Food Pairings

  1. Licorice + Whole Cluster Riesling

What’s not to love about those perfect strands of chewy goodness? The dazzling fruit and citrus notes in our Whole Cluster Riesling, pair well with the fruity flavor from the licorice. If sweetness is your thing, use a Red Vine as a straw. “Whole cluster” means we make the wine by gently pressing grape clusters “whole” without any mechanical de-stemming or crushing. This minimizes skin contact with the juice, and helps produce a finely structured wine without a bitter finish.

  1. PB&J Popcorn + Ship of Fools

Pop-kie’s, located on Front Street in Traverse City, makes gourmet popcorn in seemingly endless flavors. Ship of Fools blends Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. It’s versatile and loves to be paired with bold flavors. We love the savory flavors like Wasabi Soy to complement the mineral flavor and tartness of the wine. For those with a sweet tooth, you’re in luck, the PB&J popcorn makes a great complement to the Ship of Fools’ sweet fragrance, apple/citrus character and dry finish.

  1. Corned Beef Jerky + Silhouette Red

No wine pairing is complete without something smoky and savory from Maxbauer’s in Traverse City. They fire up the smoker daily to make exceptional smoked treats. With oak aging and rich and fruity body, our Silhouette Red Wine pairs very well with their corned beef jerky. The bittersweet chocolate and red berry notes from the wine are enhanced by the salty, smoked finish of the jerky. We just can’t get enough of it. And let’s not forget about the bacon. Wrap just about anything in Maxbauer’s house smoked bacon, and everyone will love how the pork fat and smoky finish really complements the Silhouette.

  1. Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips + Pinot Grigio

Traverse City-based Great Lakes Potato Chips makes small batch kettle-style chips with old-fashioned Midwestern work ethic. They use Michigan potatoes, fresh spices, and keep the skin on for that extra crunch. With bright acidity and rich mineral qualities, our Pinot Grigio pairs perfectly with their Sea Salt Pepper & Onion chips. The natural acidity in the grapes makes the Pinot Grigio a crisp and refreshing wine that complements the savory and salty chips. A perfect combo for watching the sun set from the dock or your favorite lookout as you unwind at the end of another perfect day in northern Michigan.

  1. S’mores + Late Harvest Riesling

What’s National Junk Food Day without summer’s iconic fireside treat? With aromas of honey and vanilla, our Late Harvest Riesling works nicely with a s’more as the perfect fireside companion. While you try to dodge the smoke and roast the perfect golden ‘mallow – the sweetness of the wine pairs well with the sweetness of the s’more.

  1. White Cheddar Cheez-It®s + Etcetera Rosé

This easy sipping blend of Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc is great for a hot summer evening. The Etcetera Rosé’s acidity, berry notes and earthiness find a surprising and tasty balance with White Cheddar Cheez-It®s, which bring the salty tang we expect in the typical wine and cheese tray. Enjoy it just slightly chilled as you try and keep yourself from finishing the entire box of crackers. It’s a delicious combo.

Pairing wine with junk food might not be the healthiest daily ritual, but it sure can be tasty. Throw your dinner guests a curve ball on National Junk Food Day, and present them with some nontraditional pairings as a summer treat. Everyone needs an excuse to eat some junk food now and then, and it’s also a fun way to break the routine of the typical “wine and cheese” board.

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