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7 Best Wine Movies

Pour a Glass, and Prep for the Traverse City Film Festival

Each year, the Traverse City Film Festival brings thousands of film buffs to the bay in celebration of filmmaking. While some festival-goers plan only to watch dozens of excellent films during the week, many come to Traverse City to enjoy the festival while experiencing the region’s delicious wine offerings. In preparation for the TCFF and the peak of wine season, we’ve compiled the seven best wine movies to watch to prepare you for the unique wine you’ll be enjoying up north, in-between stops at the theater.

Wine for the Confused” (2004)

Monty Python’s John Cleese hosts the perfect jumping-off point for wine novices, explaining the many varieties of grape as well as the terminology and tasting methods for those just beginning their wine journey. The documentary is a fantastic pairing with our 2018 Late Harvest Riesling.

Red Obsession” (2013)

Narrated by Russell Crowe, this visually stunning and critically acclaimed documentary tracks the globalization of wine enthusiasm from Bordeaux to China, and the impact this has made on the wine industry’s most expensive offerings. Pair this documentary with our 2015 Etcetera Red.

A Walk in the Clouds” (1995)

Romance, long walks in vineyards, a young Keanu Reeves – “A Walk in the Clouds” has everything needed to complement a glass of our Select Pinot Grigio. Visit post-World War II Napa Valley in this touching film about the coming age of New World wines and generational shifts in sensibilities about love and what makes family, family.

Cement Suitcase” (2014)

This quirky and charming indie film follows a highly successful wine salesman with no self-respect. His girlfriend is cheating on him, and he can’t even bring himself to tell her he knows. When he meets the man who is the source of his pain, he decides to let go of his issues. What better wine to pair with this film than our 2017 Ship of Fools?

Bottle Shock” (2008)

Based on the true events of a 1976 blind taste test dubbed “Judgement of Paris,” this film is a visual love letter to a watershed moment for New World wines and the origins of California vineyards. In the film, the late, great Alan Rickman quotes Galileo Galilei while contemplating a glass of chardonnay in 1970s-era Napa Valley: “Wine is sunlight, held together by water.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Pair our Barrel Fermented Chardonnay with this film.

Sideways” (2004)

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, “Sideways” is a beloved dark comedy that shows the eccentric-yet-passionate side of California wine enthusiasts. The film may be best known among winemakers as the one that dropped Merlot sales by 2 percent and increased Pinot Noir sales by 16 percent in the United States.

That said, we think anyone would enjoy our Merlot Reserve.

See also: “Merlove” (2008). As a response to the impact Sideways had on the industry, specifically on merlot sales, “Merlove” is a documentary that details the rest of the world’s love for the red wine varietal.

American Wine Story” (2014)

Why do winemakers do what they do? What compelled them to put their fingers in the soil and grow the grapes that become the wine you love? “American Wine Story” is an engaging and thoughtful documentary that tracks the tribulations of the people who dedicate their lives to the craft. The best pair for this documentary? How about a specialty wine created by our own winemaker- 2017 Whole Cluster Riesling!

Post-TCFF Relaxation

The Traverse City Film Festival shows off a wide range of films every year. The wines created and cultivated at Chateau Grand Traverse are just as diverse! If you want to relax with a glass after the festival, visit the CGT Tasting Room or Patio for tastings, wine by the glass, flights, small bites, and beautiful views!