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  1. Choosing the Best Wine to Cook With | Chateau Grand Traverse

    Posted September 12, 2018 in

    Wine is a popular ingredient in recipes, from quick sauces to slow-cooked stews, regularly begging the question, “What is the best wine to cook with?” Plenty of home cooks are quick to assume the best wine to cook with is the cheapest one they can find. While we understand that you may want to save […]

  2. The Meaning of Vintage: Are There Best Years for Wine?

    Posted August 30, 2018 in

    What’s the Meaning of Vintage? At its most basic description, the meaning of vintage is the year when a wine’s grapes were harvested. Even if two particular wines are from the same vineyard and are the same varietal, made with all the same techniques, a 2011 will taste quite different than a 2017. That differentiation […]

  3. Terroir: What Makes the Wine of Old Mission Peninsula Unique?

    Posted August 14, 2018 in

    What Makes Old Mission Peninsula Wine Unique? When it comes to understanding a world-class winemaking region like northern Michigan, it’s easy to focus on the grapes. They’re the star of the show, right? The grapes are what eventually become the wine that we love to smell, taste and consider. But the terroir ‒ the soil, […]

  4. Ice Wine: What’s the Big Deal?

    Posted August 2, 2018 in

    The winter months are a big part of what makes this place so special. It’s not for the faint of heart, but those who stay through the frigid winds and grey skies are rewarded with a magical world reminiscent of a snow globe. Even better, those cold months allow us to make one of the […]

  5. 7 Best Wine Movies | Prep for Traverse City Film Festival

    Posted July 26, 2018 in

    7 Best Wine Movies Pour a Glass, and Prep for the Traverse City Film Festival Each year, the Traverse City Film Festival brings thousands of film buffs to the bay in celebration of filmmaking. While some festival-goers plan only to watch dozens of excellent films during the week, many come to Traverse City to enjoy […]

  6. DIY Tie-Dye with Wine

    Posted July 11, 2018 in

    How to Tie-Dye a Shirt with Wine Get groovy with grapes! If you threw a party and have half-empty bottles of red wine lying around, Chateau Grand Traverse has the perfect activity for you, your friends and your kids. Tie-dying with wine is a fun way to re-purpose half-finished bottles of spoiled wine that would […]

  7. The Return of Riesling: 5 Reasons to Love Riesling

    Posted June 22, 2018 in

    The Return of Riesling Many people assume all Rieslings are sweet, but they can also be dry and refreshing. Riesling is a classic northern Michigan wine that captures the terroir of the area perfectly. Close your eyes and take a sip; you’ll find apples, pears and all the wonderful floral aromas we associate with summer, […]

  8. Uncork Your North | Our Best Wines for Summer Vibes

    Posted June 7, 2018 in

    Best Summer Wines Let’s be honest – wine tastes great during any time of the year. Yet each of our wines shines brightest during a certain season. Let us help you pair those late summer evenings or days on the beach with great wine. What are the best summer wines? Well, that depends on what […]

  9. Why Does Wine Give Me Headaches, and How Do I Avoid Them?

    Posted May 24, 2018 in

    Why Do I Get a Headache After Drinking Wine? There are a number of pieces to the wine headache puzzle. Depending on your physiology, any of the following could be contributing to your wine headaches … Histamines: Wine and other foods that are fermented or aged cause our bodies to release histamines, which cause inflammation […]

  10. Pairing Wine With Your Tacos

    Posted May 7, 2018 in

    What do beer, margaritas and wine have in common? The perfect way to welcome the weekend, refreshing drinks for a warm evening, and of course – They all pair well with the official food of Tuesdays everywhere: tacos! Now, we’re fully aware that beer and margaritas are most people’s go-to drinks when it comes to […]

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