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Interview: Sean O’Keefe, January 24, 2014

We’re excited to share our passion for winemaking at any moment, and were able to share some insight recently during an interview with Lynn Chamberlain of iWineRadio. Sean O’Keefe represents Chateau Grand Traverse and Northern Michigan wineries in general in this segment. Sean is our Vice President and is also the winemaker responsible for our Eclectic Wines, while he also oversees our family’s 120 acres of estate vineyards, 90 acres of contract vineyards, and coordinates with head winemaker Bernd Croissant to make sure everything’s on track to make the best vintage wines possible.

That said, Sean has quite the extensive background in winemaking, including his apprenticeship and education in Germany. His passion for the Riesling varietal is very apparent in our wines. We will be celebrating our favorite wine this month during the Wineries of Old Mission event Romancing the Riesling. Chateau Grand Traverse is excited to announce that we will be RE-releasing some of our older vintage Rieslings for this event, along with offering Riesling-themed winery tours and tastings.

Listen to the interview to hear what Sean has to say about our German roots and fantastic ability to produce excellent Rieslings in Northern Michigan.

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