How to Craft with Wine Corks

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We’re in the middle of winter here in northern Michigan and when the wind is blowing frozen flakes around outside, there’s nothing we love more than opening a bottle of wine and pouring a glass to enjoy by the fire. But, once you’ve uncorked the bottle, what happens to that cork? Do you trash it or save it? (Hint, we save ours…)

If you’re a compulsive cork collector like us and have found yourself with too many corks to know what to do with, here are three Pinterest-inspired ideas that turn your discarded corks into crafty home decorations.

‘Tis the season to find your inner artist!

Wine Cork Vase

We put the glue gun to the cork for this blog and we think our project turned out really well! Although the project is for a vase, we changed course a bit and made a planter instead. Creating this was pretty straightforward and only required an inexpensive container, a glue gun and some corks. Our planter is pretty small, but you can of course customize the size of your particular container. Check out more details about the project here.

Michigan Wine Cork Map

Always remember Traverse City as the wine capital of Michigan with this cork map! Of course you can create a map of any state, but who are you kidding? We all know you want the cork version of Michigan adorning the wall. Check out the project here.

Wine Cork Garden Plant Labels

As farmers, we love gardens, and we love these plant labels because they’re super easy to make and, arguably, very useful, too! All you need besides some corks is a wooden skewer and a permanent marker. Once you’re done with these plant labels, set them aside for a couple more months until spring is finally upon us. Check out the DIY steps here.

Which are your favorite cork crafts? We would love to see your cork creations! Share them with us on Facebook or on Instagram with the tag #CGTwines.

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