How to Execute the Perfect House Divided Tailgate

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We’re quickly approaching the most rivalry filled weekend of the year in Michigan, when our two biggest college football teams battle it out on the field. Our staff has been known to participate rather heavily in this annual time of taking sides (we’ll keep our strong feelings on the topic to ourselves for now), so we’re suggesting some ways you can bring your tailgate rivalry past simply Michigan vs. Michigan State.

Unless you’ve sworn off friends and family who support the other team, we know your tailgate will already be full of rivalry – so try playing it up by encouraging attendees to debate about the following rivalries during breaks from the game.

Wine vs. Beer

We’ve been known to make a subtle jab at the beer drinkers of the world, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to further the debate. Is your crew made up of wine drinkers or beer drinkers? Both, right? Put the two groups on opposite sides of the room and let them debate, and then hug it out before the 2nd half kick-off. Take the wine vs. beer rivalry one step further by whipping up two cheese spreads – this beer cheese and this version made with wine. See if folks prefer the cheese made with their drink of choice.

Red Wine vs. White Wine

Some wine drinkers are passionate about their preference between red wine and white wine, staunchly declaring their preference in a similar way one might boldly stand behind a college football team. Try putting out an equal number of bottles of red and white wine, judging the winning wine preference by which supply is more depleted at halftime.

Wondering what wines to use for this rivalry challenge? We suggest our most popular red and white – Gamay Noir and Late Harvest Riesling.

California Wine vs. Michigan Wine

Is this really a competition? We all know Michigan wines should be the winner here in the mitten state, but wine drinkers are known to stick with their allegiances. Conduct this challenge in the same way as the red vs. white challenge. Serve an equal number of wines from Michigan and California, then declare the winner based on which is more depleted at halftime.

Don’t Make It All About Wine

Are there some unique rivalries you know are hiding within your tailgate group? Think of a fun way to play up those rivalries as well, and share what you decide to do with us!

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