Pairing Wine with Your Northern Michigan Adventures

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A Wine for Every Northern Michigan Adventure

Sultry beach days, tranquil morning hikes, and cozy campfires—could your up-north vacation get any better? The answer is yes!

Complement your northern Michigan moments with CGT wine pairings for the ultimate up-north summer.

Because whether you call this special place home, or are just here for a breath of fresh air, these wine pairings will bring a little extra joy to your northern Michigan adventures.

Fruit Picking & Rosé

Pull up to the U-Pick stand for summer strawberries and pour yourself a glass of the 2017 Etcetera Rosé. Its refreshing acidity and ample berry flavor are certain to satisfy and refresh on a hazy summer day in the berry patch! Before drinking at a berry patch, be sure to check with the staff about whether it is permitted. If it isn’t, bring your berries home and devour them alongside a glass on your own porch!

Picnics & Picnic Semidry White Wine

Set a blanket on the lawn, watch the sun go down, and enjoy a dry white blend like our Picnic Semidry White Wine, paired perfectly with local cheeses, fruits, and more. Light and easy to sip, this wine is perfect for warm breezes and summer vibes.

Nature Hike & Woods Sweet Red

Lace up those boots and venture into the pines at Brown Bridge Quiet Area for a spirited walk in the woods. Pack in the aptly named Woods Sweet Red Wine along with trail mix and a hunk of cheddar, and you may decide that hiking is your new favorite summer activity.

Boat Day & Semidry Riesling

Nothing quite compares to lounging in the bow at high noon with cool lake water below. Laze while you drift atop the bay or one of the region’s gorgeous inland lakes, then pull out a bottle of chilled 2018 Semidry Riesling from the cooler for a crisp, revitalizing counter to the afternoon heat.

Beach Bonfire & Etcetera Red

The evening sun retreats beneath the waves and a stack of driftwood crackles in the dancing flame. Pull on a sun-bleached sweatshirt, roast a s’more, and share a glass of 2015 Etcetera Red to spread convivial warmth around the fire.

Dinner Party & Silhouette Red

Take the place settings outside to the back deck for an evening meal alfresco. Pair your main course with a bottle of 2016 Silhouette Red Wine. Full in body and smooth in texture, this blend’s fruity flavor will delight your dinner guests alongside something off the grill.

Color Tour & Late Harvest Riesling

When fall arrives and grape harvest season starts, a glass of wine is the perfect accompaniment. Stroll through the stands of hardwoods, birch, and aspen as they dazzle in regal autumnal hues. Complement this peak fall plethora at Old Mission Point with the bright fruit notes and balanced finish of the 2018 Late Harvest Riesling.

Don’t Forget Wine Tasting

Heading up Old Mission Peninsula to go wine tasting is one of the most classic northern Michigan adventures—and a great way to find your own ideal pairing. Stop into the Chateau Grand Traverse tasting room or our beautiful patio to get to know all our wines and find your favorite.