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Discover this unique cherry wine crafted in the cherry capital of the world: Traverse City. The wines produced by Traverse Bay Winery exemplify the natural beauty and distinct experience of northern Michigan. Hand-crafted with local, all-natural fruit, these wines are one-of-a-kind in the region and beyond.


This tasty Michigan cherry wine is made in a sweeter style and is produced from a variety of tart cherries grown in nearby orchards. We cool fermented this wine in stainless steel tanks to capture the delicate fruit qualities, ripe flavors, and beautiful cherry red wine color. Enjoy with barbecued foods, picnic fare, or cheese and fruit. Serve slightly chilled to bring out the best flavor.


Silver Medal: 2015 Michigan Wine Competition


Vintage: Non-Vintage
Appellation: Michigan
Varietal: 100% Cherry Wine     
Residual Sugar: 5.0° Brix
Alcohol: 12.5%
Winemaker: Bernd Croissant



What is cherry wine?

Ripe cherries are fermented to make a cherry red wine. The fruit’s bold flavor profile typically produces a sweet, tart, and acidic flavor. This type of wine is typically more narrowed and unique in areas with ideal cherry growing conditions. That’s why it’s so popular in the northern Michigan region known for its mass cherry production. Some of Chateau Grand Traverse’s exclusive offerings similar to this product are our Cherry Sangria, Spiced Cherry, and Cherry Riesling.

Are there cherry wine color variations?

There are many varieties of cherries that range in color and flavor, which is reflected in the winemaking process. A standard cherry wine is red but varies in hue. Brighter red Montmorency cherries create a light red wine with a sourer taste, whereas black cherries produce a deep red wine with a richer, classic wine flavor. A Bing cherry will create a deep red wine and sweeter taste. Sometimes the cherry varieties are also mixed with each other – or with other fruits like cranberries, blackberries, or grapes – to create the right wine color and flavor balance.

Where can I buy cherry wine in person?

To find a good cherry wine, you can visit many wineries across Michigan (and beyond). Most stores that carry a large range of wine will also have several cherry wine brands available. Chateau Grand Traverse features many cherry wine varietals to taste, savor, and buy – including the Traverse Bay Cherry Wine featured above.

Is cherry wine good for you?

Cherries offer a wide variety of health benefits. In the form of wine, cherries will still provide you with many of these advantages. Aside from having many healthy nutrients and antioxidants, cherries also reduce inflammation, help with exercise recovery, and support heart health. With every type of alcoholic beverage, however, regulating intake is necessary to protect your mind and body.

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