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Experience the bright, fruity flavors of one of the best sweet Rieslings around. This wine can be enjoyed alongside a variety of light dishes or sweet desserts. Crafted for those who enjoy a more versatile wine, all our Grand Traverse Select wines pair well at the everyday dinner table. These wines are produced from premium 100% European Vinifera grapes grown on select vineyard sites, then blended in our temperature-controlled, stainless-steel tanks to express full flavor and style. Their non-vintage style delivers the best quality and value combination.


This sweeter-style Riesling displays flavors of apricot, melon, and honey with a sweet finish. Though Rieslings complement many flavors, this wine is served particularly well with roast pork, grilled poultry, glazed ham, pasta salad, barbecued fare, and lighter desserts such as lemon meringue or berry cobbler.


Silver Medal: 2017 Michigan Wine Competition
Silver Medal: 2016 Los Angeles International Wine Competition


Vintage: Non-Vintage
Appellation: American
Varietal: Riesling      
Residual Sugar: 4.5° Brix
Alcohol: 12.0%
Winemaker: Bernd Croissant


Can you cook with Riesling?

You can cook with any Riesling, but when pairing food and wine, you should consider complementary and contrasting flavors. Because sweet Rieslings have a sweet, fruity flavor profile, they are good for cooking lighter poultry and sweet desserts. A dryer Riesling can be incorporated in savory dishes. A semi-sweet or semi-dry can be a great choice for some spicier dishes to help cut the heat but not overpower the flavor.

Can Riesling be dry?

Yes. Riesling styles range from dry to semi-dry to semi-sweet to sweet. Because Rieslings all have high acidity, some amount of residual sugar is usually added back to balance that sharpness. But that amount is decided by the winemaker and can vary greatly. For many people, though, the more common choice is a good, sweet Riesling. Some dry to sweet Riesling brands may also include “dry, semi-sweet, sweet” labels, or residual sugar levels, on their wine bottles.

Should Riesling be chilled?

They should be chilled but only slightly – to 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps maintain acidity and freshness in lighter white wines. When you serve them too cold, you risk muddling the fruity, floral, or acidic flavors. To get the best temperature balance, you can either refrigerate your Riesling for two hours or, if already kept refrigerated, remove it an hour before serving. However, you may find you prefer to drink your dry or sweet Riesling slightly warmer or cooler.

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