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If you love a sweeter-style wine, sip on our Grand Traverse Select sweet red wine, aptly named Sweet Traverse Red. This blend brings together a range of classic varietals, from Merlot to Pinot Meunier. It can be enjoyed on its own or easily paired at a variety of dinner tables. Our Grand Traverse Select collection of wines are produced from premium 100% European Vinifera grapes and grown on selected vineyard sites. For the best quality and value possible, we produce these wines in a non-vintage style and blend them in our temperature-controlled, stainless-steel tanks.


This high-quality Michigan sweet red wine is created from a selected blend of 100% Vinifera red wine grapes. It displays a sweet, fruity flavor with rich undertones. Pair it alongside a contrasting but complementary dish, such as a salt-crusted prime rib, or match its sweetness with a dark chocolate cake. For the best flavor enjoyment of Grand Traverse Select Sweet Traverse Red, serve it slightly chilled.


Gold Medal: 2016 Los Angeles International Wine Competition


Vintage: Non-Vintage
Appellation: American
Varietal Blend: Merlot, Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir and Pinot Meunier         
Residual Sugar: 4.0° Brix
Alcohol: 12.5%
Winemaker: Bernd Croissant


Is sweet red wine good for you?

Most of the health benefits of wine come from the antioxidants in red grape skin. Therefore, red wines that sit in their skins longer are typically a healthier option than whites. However, the initial and residual sugar plays a big part in how healthy a red wine can be. So a sweeter red wine isn’t going to be as healthy as a dryer red with less residual sugars. But, consumed in moderation, a sweet red wine can still provide some health benefits.

What can you do with sweet red wine?

Besides just drinking your sweet red wine, you can also enjoy it in new ways. To play off the sweetness, reduce it to make a sweet syrup or jelly, mix up a sangria, or try our famous Red Wine Cookie recipe. Sweet reds can also be used for cooking savory dishes; just cut the sweetness with some acidity and reduce it into a glaze, or add it to a savory red sauce for a sweeter, richer flavor. Finally, try making some pickled onions or fruits with a splash of sweet red wine in the brine.

Where can I find inexpensive sweet red wine?

Finding a high-quality sweet red wine at an inexpensive price point is very doable, especially if it hasn’t undergone a long aging process. Most local wine and liquor stores, as well as many groceries, carry affordable sweet red wines. Some of the best options to consider, though, are your local wineries. At Chateau Grand Traverse, our entire collection of Grand Traverse Select wines are produced in a non-vintage style for better affordability. You can purchase online or visit us for a taste test!

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