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Handstand…a feat of unique ability, strength, timing, spirit and a little bit of spectacle. It personifies the essence of CGT winery founder, Ed O’Keefe Jr., in his uncommon life as well as ambition to establish northern Michigan’s first commercial winery. We pay homage to his passing in 2021 with this very special wine creation in his honor. Let’s raise a glass in tribute to a life well-lived.


Following Ed’s passing in early January, 2021, Eddie (Son) and the winemaking team were humorously reminiscing about what a truly incredible life he lived. As discussion ensued, there was an “Aha!” moment when the subject of Ed doing perfect Handstands on top of statues, mountain tops and even a life-size-elephant figurine back in the early 1950’s arose. Let’s make a wine to commemorate “Big Ed,” but certainly nothing mournful. The concept of Handstand seemed to capture his passion, spontaneity and intense entrepreneurial spirit. Really, how many people are actually capable of a performing a perfect handstand on top of inanimate objects? Then again, maybe nobody ever gave it a consideration? This may reveal Ed’s impulsivity to relocate his family north from the comfortable suburbs of Detroit in 1974 to establish northern Michigan’s first commercial winery and vineyard.


A bold and full-bodied dry red wine with expressive ripe berry, dark-fruited nose, rich tannin with black pepper and light oak undertones blended from multiple vintages for perfect balance, structure and lasting flavor. Pair with hearty red meats, smoked fare, robust blue cheese with rustic bread or hearty red pasta dishes.




Vintage: A winemaker creation blended from multiple vintages produced in separate small-lots
Appellation: Old Mission Peninsula
Varietal Blend: 75% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc, 5% Syrah
Residual Sugar: 0.4° Brix
Alcohol: 13.5%
Winemaker: Bernd Croissant & Kurtis Berry

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