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In 2006, a local grower stopped by and asked if we could take-in some of his excess freshly picked plums. We never worked with this sort of fruit, but it was considered a challenge and we unknowingly embarked on a 17-year process to produce this one-of-a-kind Plum Reserve Wine.

We initially froze the Plums and then allowed them to thaw to naturally breaks down the fruit cell structure for better juice extraction and fruit ester flavors. We fermented in cool stainless-steel tanks for several weeks before transferring into small oak barrels. Aside from periodic monitoring and barrel maintenance, the wine was essentially left alone until it was deemed ready.

After several weeks of blend trials, we finally settled upon a desired flavor profile. The wine was fortified with neutral alcohol and sweetened with no added flavoring, colors or manipulation. This special product is a culmination of time, effort, and patience that will never be repeated. It’s truly an extraordinary product and it is our hope you will enjoy our many years of effort.


This dessert style wine was produced from locally grown plums. Aged for 17-years in small oak barrels, this unique wine offers deeply mature taste and abundant sweetness. Dark and Tawny is color with intensely rich-style, it unveils layers of chocolate and light caramel harmonized with fruity wood complexity. Enjoy it straight up at room temperature, chilled or on the rocks or event with a spritz of soda water.


Year: 2006 Season
Origin: Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan
Aging: 17-years in Small Oak Barrels
Blend: 100% Plum Wine
Alcohol: 20.2%
Sweetness: 15 g/100 l
Bottled: May 25, 2023
Production: 368 cases
Case Size: 12/375 ml
Winemakers: Bernd Croissant & Josh Morgan

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