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While its long name may seem complex, this specialty Pinot Noir Rosé Vin Gris is defined by its unique grape varietal and our process for creating it at Chateau Grand Traverse. We used dark pinot noir grapes and briefly pressed them in a Vin Gris Rosé style. The result is a refreshing, versatile wine that’s part of our Eclectic wine collection. All the Eclectic wines are vintage-dated, small-production wines. From eccentric blends to hands-on harvesting practices to vineyard-specific bottlings, each wine tells a unique story.


It may seem “pretty in pink,” but this is a seriously polished wine made from gently pressed Pinot Noir grapes. With just a touch of sweetness, this medium-bodied Pinot Noir Vin Gris Rosé wine exudes bright tart cherry aroma, crisp melon, and light vanilla with a lasting finish. With its milder flavor, this wine is perfectly matched for those hard-to-pair foods like roasted vegetables and tomato-based pastas. This wine will most certainly command a room.




Vintage: 2020
Appellation: Michigan
Varietal: Pinot Noir          
Residual Sugar: 0.7° Brix
Alcohol: 11.5%
Winemaker: Bernd Croissant

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Vin Gris vs. Rosé—how do they compare?

Vin Gris wines are typically milder and more refreshing than standard Rosés. While Vin Gris is a type of Rosé, the main difference between the two is the method. For Vin Gris, there is almost no maceration time. The grapes are pressed, but the juice is not left for longer contact with the skins like it is with most Rosés. And when Vin Gris is made of Pinot Noir grapes, the juice color is a pale pink, grayish tone due to the black grape skins. The French name “Vin Gris” translates to “gray wine.”

How do you pronounce Vin Gris?

Vin Gris (/vɛ̃ ɡʁi/) is pronounced like (va) (gree). Phonetically, the IPA character ɛ̃ has a nasalized quality to it, similar to “hang.” Which creates a nasal tone between Vin and Gris, like (va) (ngGREE).

Is Vin Gris the same as Saignée?

Saignée, like Vin Gris, is a type of Rosé. But unlike the method of creating a Vin Gris, which is treated more like a white wine and separated from the skins before fermentation, the Saignée (meaning “to bleed’) method is a byproduct of red wine production; after fermentation has begun, a small amount juice is “bled” out and then fermented on its own. This causes Saignée to have a much richer flavor than Vin Gris and other Rosés.

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