The Return of Riesling: 5 Reasons to Love Riesling

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The Return of Riesling

Many people assume all Rieslings are sweet, but they can also be dry and refreshing. Riesling is a classic northern Michigan wine that captures the terroir of the area perfectly. Close your eyes and take a sip; you’ll find apples, pears and all the wonderful floral aromas we associate with summer, right in your glass.

There’s a Riesling for everyone, even for lovers of dry white wine. Learn what makes this varietal unique, and get our top five reasons to love this delicious northern Michigan wine.

Is Riesling Sweet?

Yes, some are sweet. But just like every wine variety, Rieslings are quite diverse. A Riesling’s sweetness depends on many variables, such as ripeness at harvest and vineyard location. Many people who prefer dry white wine find that specific Rieslings deliver the tart, acidic tang they love. There are even full-bodied and spicy Rieslings.

Rieslings in Michigan

The cool nights and rich soil on Old Mission Peninsula provide a great location for growing this cool-climate grape. Rieslings are very versatile even when grown in a single climate. We can produce a wide range of Rieslings by varying ripeness of the grapes (harvest dates), watering and more to change the character of the wine. Thanks to the grape’s cold-hardiness and our unique region, we can make ice wine, which is a Riesling made from grapes that are left on the vine to freeze.

5 Reasons to Love Riesling

  • Riesling has a lot of acidity and floral notes, which makes it a very crisp wine, perfect for a hot summer day or barbeque.
  • Love spicy food? Riesling is one of the best wines to pair with food that brings the heat.
  • The sweetness of our Late Harvest Riesling makes it a perfect dessert wine.
  • Thanks to low alcohol content and a typically light body, Riesling is the perfect terroir test.
  • Rieslings have high acidity, which gives them a very long shelf life.

Rie-lly Good Riesling

Rieslings are our specialty, but don’t just take our word for it.

Our Semidry Riesling is the number-one Michigan restaurant Riesling. Grab a bottle for your next party, bonfire or movie night. We offer a wide variety Rieslings for any pairing or palate. Whether it’s our award-winning Dry Riesling or our ever popular Late Harvest Riesling, each bottle will bring the unique flavors and aromas of Old Mission Peninsula right to your glass.

Can’t decide which one you want? Stop by our tasting room to sample our current offerings, find what you like and take a bottle (or two) home.