Sitka, our resident winery dog in training

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Today we welcomed a new member to our Chateau Grand Traverse family. Meet Sitka, our resident winery dog in training.

Boo and Sitka

Boo and Sitka meeting for the first time

The Samoyed dog breed is a large part of our family history and our winery story. Since day one, Chateau Grand Traverse has always had dogs around the winery, and as a very important part of our family. On March 19, 2014, Sitka joined the Samoyed legacy at the winery. When Ed Sr. began growing grapes on Old Mission Peninsula, Chablis was the pup who could be found roaming the land and keeping employees company. Chablis was followed by his brother who took his name, Chablis (2), also known as Chabba. Chabba welcomed his little brother, Bacchus, who was a strong and adventurous dog, much like Ed himself. Eight years ago, we welcomed Chaboo, or “Boo” as we call him.

Boo and Sitka

“What’s all this white stuff?”

And this week, the tradition lives on. Boo is busy with his trainee, showing him the ropes. He’s learned quickly who to go to for treats, where to find Mt. Boo, and who’s the boss. Stay tuned for more updates, because ball of fur is too precious not to share.