Wine Bottle Crafts: Make Your Own Ring Toss Yard Game

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Empty wine bottles are the perfect thing to decorate and turn into a family-friendly ring toss game. Summer is here, the kids are out of school and it’s the perfect time to play some outdoor yard games! Put that pile of empty wine bottles to use with this DIY project that combines three things we can’t get enough of: wine bottle crafts, warm-weather fun and DIY games. You’ll be outside playing this game in no time!

Gather the kids, a few simple items and craft supplies and you’re ready to get started.

What you need:

  • 9-16 wine bottles, empty, labels removed
  • paint and brushes (see notes below)
  • crate or box that tightly fits your wine bottles
  • 8 wooden craft rings, big enough to fit around the tops of the wine bottles
  • twine or ribbon

There are two paint options for this project:

  1. Spray paint – This is the absolute easiest way to do this project, but spray paint doesn’t adhere to glass very well. If you want your ring toss game to last a long time without the paint chipping or want to involve kids in the painting process, we don’t recommend using spray paint.
  2. Enamel paint – This paint is the best option for durability or doing this project with kids.

How to Make a Wine Bottle Ring Toss

  1. Clean the bottles, being sure to remove any glue left behind from the labels. This will make the painting process go much smoother.
  2. Get creative painting your bottles! How you do this is totally up to you. Make them all one color or paint designs onto the bottles. If you’re using spray paint, be sure to do it in a well-ventilated area.
  3. If you want, paint the crate or box for a polished and cohesive look to your game. If you’re making the game for a special event, consider decorating the crate to fit the theme.
  4. While the paint dries, decorate your wooden rings! You can paint them or wrap them in twine or ribbon and glue it into place.
  5. Once everything is dry, place the bottles in the crate. If there is any extra space causing the bottles to wobble, use a little tissue paper to keep them in place.

Now it’s time to play! Set the crate of bottles on the ground and determine a distance to toss the rings from (this will depend on the age and ability of your players). Take turns tossing four rings each, trying to get them to land around the top of a bottle. Keep score throughout the game, with the winner being the first to ring 10 bottles, or award a prize for every time someone rings a bottle.

Need more wine bottles for this craft project? Stop on by the Chateau Grand Traverse Tasting Room or find our wine in your local store to stock up!