2012 Pinot Noir

Well rested in the bottle for 6 months afterPinot-Noir-2012 being aged for 15 months in French oak, this light to medium body Pinot Noir displays cherry with light tannins and a fruity finish of raspberry chocolate. This wine would pair well with grilled vegetables or salmon, and roasted meats with light seasoning.

The 2012 Growing Season

The 2012 growing season was both unusual and challenging on Old Mission Peninsula. Beginning in mid-March, our vineyards experienced an unprecedented one-week warm-up that brought daytime temperatures in excess of 90°F. This was immediately followed by a massive blizzard that dropped more than 24” of snow only to melt the next day. Thankfully, the vines remained dormant and protected during this crazy period until bud-break in early May. Summer temperatures accelerated with sustained dry conditions leading to less vigorous growth and slower fruit maturation. As autumn arrived, the rain began to fall and temperatures cooled maintaining fruit acidity as well as furthering ripening. Harvest began two weeks early in late September and lasted until the end of October. Overall, the 2012 growing season provided intense ripening conditions resulting in rich, full flavored
reds and wonderfully balanced Late Harvest style wines. We dodged a weather bullet in 2012 and it resulted in exceptional tonnage and high quality wines.



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