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The holiday season is here, which means it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to be gifting, how you’re going to thank party hosts, and what you’re going to bring to those festive celebrations. So, what is our favorite thing to gift at Chateau Grand Traverse, you ask? Wine!

Read on to find out which wines our CGT team loves to gift to help make your holiday shopping a breeze.

Holiday Wine Gift Favorites from the CGT Team

Giving the gift of northern Michigan summer has never been so easy. Wine is a wonderful choice for everyone on your list, as there is no such thing as having too much wine! Find out what wine gifts our CGT team recommends.

Eddie O’Keefe, President

Eddie loves to gift the Whole Cluster Riesling, as Rieslings are a specialty of Chateau Grand Traverse. The Whole Cluster Riesling falls right in the middle of sweet and dry, which makes it easy for every type of wine drinker to enjoy.

Bernd Croissant, Winemaker

Bernd’s top wine gift recommendations are the CGT Semidry Riesling and Gamay Noir Reserve. For someone with a sweeter tooth, he recommends CGT’s top-selling Late Harvest Riesling. If the person you’re purchasing the wine for enjoys a drier wine, Bernd recommends the Grüner Veltliner.

Kurtis Berry, Enologist

Depending on the person you’re purchasing the wine gifts for, Kurtis recommends either the Grüner VeltlinerGewürztraminer, or the Merlot Reserve. Kurtis likes to gift both white wines as they appeal to people who like unique wines. He recommends the Merlot, he says, because it is tasting exceptionally good right now and makes the perfect pair for fall and the holiday season.

Megan Molloy, Marketing Coordinator

Megan believes the most important part of gifting wine is knowing who you’re buying for. If you’re unsure of the type of wine they like, she recommends picking a wine that is in the medium dry area, such as the CGT Whole Cluster Riesling or Pinot Noir Rosé Vin Gris. If the person enjoys dry red wine, she recommends the Cabernet Franc. If the person enjoys sweet wines, she points to the Late Harvest Chardonnay due to its uniqueness.

Ann Ritzel, Events and Hospitality Coordinator

During the holiday season, Ann highly recommends the Spiced Cherry Wine. She says that it has warm, enticing aromas of cinnamon and clove that warm you from the inside-out so much that the CGT team nicknamed it “Christmas in a bottle.” Whether you bring a bottle as a host gift or heat one or two in the crockpot for your holiday potluck, Ann knows it’s a crowd-pleaser in the winter months.

Send Wine as a Gift This Holiday Season

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