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Standing in front of dozens of wine glasses trying to pick out the perfect one for your wine can be intimidating. With more than 20 varieties of wine glasses available, you could easily end up with a whole kitchen cabinet dedicated to wine glasses. We’re here to tell you why wine glass shape matters, and which staple shapes you truly do need to enjoy your favorite Chateau Grand Traverse wines.

Why Wine Glass Shape Matters

Taste & Aroma

Wine glass shape can enhance the wine’s aroma, which in turn impacts how your wine tastes. Wine glasses curve inward at the top, which helps concentrate aromas in this area. When you sniff and sip, the aromas become more distinct based on the concentration of the wine around the rim. Ultimately, how we perceive the wine is based upon the glass we are drinking it from.

Swirling & Serving

The type of wine glass you give guests for the evening can quickly determine the formality of your event or dinner. Giving your guests stemless wine glasses creates a more causal and relaxed feel, while stem wine glasses make it easier to swirl the wine for initial tastes and offer a more formal feel. Stemless wine glasses are much more difficult to swirl with and can also heat up the wine quicker, as your hand is touching the bulb of the glass directly.

What If I Choose the Wrong Glass?

The key thing to know when selecting a wine glass is that simple is better. If you are doubting a decision, make sure to go with a glass you feel comfortable with. As long as you are drinking a quality wine, a classic glass will do the job – no need to overthink it! Find out some of our recommended wine glass staples below.

Wine Glass Staples

Out of the many varieties of glasses you could choose, these are the ones our CGT team thinks should have a permanent space in your kitchen.

Red wine glasses — A typical red wine glass shape is perfect for any medium to full-bodied red. You will experience more aroma and a smoother finish than you would drinking your red wine out of a smaller glass.

White wine glasses — The typical white wine glass shape is perfect for light-bodied and floral wines. With a smaller opening than a red wine glass, you will notice white wine glasses preserve floral aromas well. White wine glasses with stems also allow chilled wines to maintain a cool temperature.

Champagne or sparkling wine flutes — Break these glasses out for any type of sparkling bubbly coming your way. Have them on hand for celebrations, parties or simple Wednesday nights that require a sparkling wine with your meal. The height of a champagne glass or flute allows the bubbles to collect at the top, which is why these glasses are the best option for enjoying sparkling wines or champagne.

If you don’t have a favorite type of wine or wine glass, stick to the classic wine glass types above. However, if you do have a favorite wine, we recommend investing in the glasses that best complement it. You deserve a set of glasses you can enjoy every time you pop the cork on one of your favorite wines. It makes your wine tasting experience even more enjoyable.

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