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Holiday Season Wine Wrapping Tips & Tricks

If you’re searching for how to gift wrap a wine bottle, you’re not alone. Wrapping a wine bottle is tricky and many give up halfway through, taking poorly wrapped bottles to holiday parties.

If you’re ready to upgrade your wine-wrapping skills, Chateau Grand Traverse is here to help with wine-wrapping instructions and some creative alternatives this holiday season.

Looking for instant wine bottle wrapping success? CGT offers festive gift wrap for individual bottles to make party-going a snap.

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle with Kraft Paper or Fabric

The secret to wrapping gift bottles of wine is using sturdier wrapping options than conventional wrapping paper.

Kraft paper isn’t just a thicker alternative; it’s also environmentally friendly and recyclable. Reusable items such as tea towels, excess fabric or burlap also will do the trick.

Here’s the best way to wrap your wine bottle with these items:

  1. Lay your Kraft paper or selected fabric on a flat surface and lay your bottle on top of it. Make sure the paper or fabric is a few inches taller than your wine bottle and that the bottom is not covered. If your paper or fabric is too long, fold it over to make it a more appropriate height for your wine bottle.
  2. Next, roll the wine bottle up in the paper or fabric until you’ve reached the end. Use a pin to secure any overlapping fabric. To secure your Kraft paper, use regular tape or a decorative seasonal tape.
  3. Tie a ribbon at the bottleneck to close the present and add any decoration, ornaments, or handwritten holiday messages on the Kraft paper for some additional flair.

Make a Charcuterie Board

It’s not exactly “wrapping,” but one of our favorite ways to gift wine is with a festive charcuterie board. This gives you the ability to make your wine selection stand out with personalized items for the individual you’re giving the gift to.

Here are some suggestions of items to include:

  • Wine
    Based on your preferences, start with either a red wine, such as the 2018 Mich Mash Red, or white wine, such as the 2018 Semidry Riesling.
  • Baguette
    Add a baguette or other style of bread that is a similar length to the wine bottle.
  • Cheese
    Select one or two types of cheeses to add to the display. Make sure they are wrapped in clear plastic or are able to be wrapped in a wax-coated cheese paper and placed on the board.
  • Cheese board
    Make sure the cheese board you purchase is the same size or larger than the wine bottle. The cheese board also needs to be sturdy enough to hold the items you decide to place on it. Extra points if your cheese board comes with a cheese knife!
  • Decorative items
    Consider placing festive branches behind the wine and baguette and then pulling your whole look together with a tied ribbon. You can also add in ornaments or beads to create a more festive look.

Create a Wine Basket

A wine basket is also a great way to present your wine selection—no wrapping required. Here are a few types of wine baskets to consider this holiday season:

Relaxation Basket

The holidays are an exciting but stressful time. Build a relaxation basket with 2019 Late Harvest Riesling, candles, matches, bubble bath, and a body scrub or lotion.

Festive Holiday Basket

Make the holidays a little more festive with a themed basket. Grab a bottle of Spiced Cherry Wine, cheese, sausage, chocolate, ornaments, and winter wine glasses to bring your festive basket together.

Pasta Night Basket

This type of basket is great for parties hosted by a couple or a family. Use a new colander as your basket; add in red sauce, pesto, two types of pasta, a spaghetti spoon, and a red wine such as the CGT 2018 Pinot NoirFantastico!

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