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Relish in the sweet mix of bright fruits and rich honey from our Late Harvest Riesling. It packs a unique punch in the world of wine, with its late harvest bringing out a sweeter Riesling grape flavor. Thanks to our cooler climate in northern Michigan, these Riesling grapes ripen at a slower pace, allowing us to produce some of the best Late Harvest Riesling wines. All our Chateau Grand Traverse wines are vintage dated, premium quality, and produced from grapes grown in our Old Mission Peninsula vineyards.


This exceptional Late Harvest Riesling wine abounds with dazzling fruit and crisp citrus flavors balanced with a naturally sweet finish. Aromas of honey and vanilla lead to a soft and creamy palate combined with plenty of tropical and stone fruit. Complement these refreshing, fruity notes with pineapple upside down cake or banana cream pie, or balance the flavors with a spicy shrimp curry or lemon-butter salmon.


2019 Red Hot Best Winner: Best Local White Wine
Gold Medal: 2020 International Eastern Wine Competition
Silver Medal: 2020 Tasters Guild International Wine Competition


Vintage: 2020
Appellation: Michigan
Varietal: Riesling      
Residual Sugar: 4.4° Brix
Alcohol: 10.4%
Winemaker: Bernd Croissant

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Is Riesling sweet or dry?

Riesling styles range from dry to semi-dry to semi-sweet to sweet. This is because their high acidity can make the taste very dry, and to balance this, a fair amount of residual sugar is usually added back into the wine to adjust the product’s dry-to-sweet scale. So how do you know what you’re buying? Aside from reading labels that indicate a dryer or sweeter style, you can look for the words “late harvest,” which indicate the grapes were left on the vine until later in the season, creating a sweeter, more dessert-like taste.

Does Riesling wine age well?

Due to their high acidity, or low pH, Rieslings typically age well, sometimes even better than some red wines. Particularly, styles with higher residual sugar are capable of long-term aging due to sugar acting as a natural preservative. However, a cool, consistent temperature (50 to 55 degrees F) is important for aging. You can expect the top fruity flavors to subside slightly over time and subtle, complex flavors to arise.

How do you serve Riesling wine?

Lighter, white wines are best served chilled to help bring out the acidity and freshness. A dryer Riesling is usually better enjoyed at 50 to 55 degrees F. And a sweeter varietal of Riesling is likely to taste better at a slightly lower temperature of 45 to 50 degrees F. You can accomplish this by chilling your Riesling in the fridge for around two hours before serving, or, if you’re already storing it in your fridge, remove it an hour before serving.

Where can I buy Late Harvest Riesling wine?

Most local liquor or grocery stores will carry a variety of Late Harvest Riesling brands. However, Late Harvest Rieslings are particularly more common in cooler climates in the US, since the later harvest and cooler temperature allow for slower grape ripening. For this reason, you might consider shipping from, or visiting, northern wineries. Taste testing our Late Harvest Riesling in Traverse City is an ideal way to experience this varietal!

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