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Estate & Grower Vineyards Breakdown

The Old Mission Peninsula AVA is an American Viticultural Area located in Grand Traverse County, Michigan known for well-regarded Michigan wine. The Old Mission Peni028 (2)nsula extends northward from Traverse City into the Grand Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan, ending at Old Mission Point.  The peninsula is 19 miles (31 km) long by 3 miles (5 km) wide at its widest point. The climate on the peninsula is moderated by the surrounding waters (500 feet deep), helping to prevent frost during the growing season.

Location:              Northwest Lower Michigan on the Old Mission Peninsula AVA near Traverse City.

Acreages:                   208.0   Total Producing Acres
                                    123.7   Acres Estate Owned
                                      84.3   Acres Grower Contracted                    

 White Grape Varieties:

                                     Acreage            Acreage                 Total
                                      Owned          Contracted              Acreage

 Riesling                     78.5 Acres         54.3 Acres         132.0 Acres
 Chardonnay             11.1 Acres           4.5 Acres           15.3 Acres
 Pinot Gris                   4.5 Acres         10.6 Acres            11.1 Acres
 Pinot Blanc                1.8 Acres            2.0 Acres              3.8 Acres
 Grüner Veltliner       2.3 Acres            1.5 Acres              3.7 Acres
 Gewürztraminer      1.6 Acres             2.9 Acres              3.5 Acres
 Muscat Ottonel        1.6 Acres             0.0 Acres             1.6 Acres
 Other Whites            0.9 Acres             0.0 Acres             0.9 Acres
 Total White           102.3 Acres           75.8 Acres         178.1 Acres

Red Grape Varieties:    

                                      Acreage            Acreage                 Total
                                      Owned          Contracted              Acreage

 Gamay Noir              9.0 Acres              0.0 Acres              9.0 Acres
 Pinot Noir                 6.3 Acres              2.7 Acres              9.0 Acres
 Merlot                       2.2 Acres              3.2 Acres              5.4 Acres
 Cabernet Franc        0.1 Acres              2.6 Acres              2.7 Acres
 Other Reds               2.7 Acres              0.0 Acres              2.7 Acres
 Cabernet Dorsa       1.1 Acres              0.0 Acres              1.1 Acres
Total Red                21.4 Acres             8.5 Acres            29.9 Acres

Soil:                          Loamy Sand/Glacial Till, pH of 7.2-8.0 pH

Elevation:                640-850 feet

Latitude:                  Chateau Grand Traverse vineyards lie directly on the 45° North Parallel.  

Terrain:                    Vineyards are located primarily on southwest/west facing hillsides along the central ridge of the Old Mission Peninsula.

Heat Units:              5-Year Average = 2260 Degree Days (+50°F)

Growing Season:    145-160 days

Precipitation:           5-Year Average = 24.69“                   

Snowfall:                  80.0“ Average

Vineyard Ages:        21 acres         35+ years
                                   15 acres         18-24 years
                                 143 acres           8-13 years
                                   27 acres         5 years or less

Yields:                     In a normal year, yields will exceed 700 tons, averaging an approximate 3.5 tons per acre.

Map of CGT Vineyard Locations

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