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Grape Harvest 2013 MichiganPushing down RieslingGamay Noir Michigan Wine HarvestWine Production FacilitiesGrape Press at Chateau Grand Traverse WineryChateau Grand Traverse TanksGrape Press Michigan White WineWine Harvest

Dumping red wine grapesGrapes in bins Old Mission PeninsulaWine Harvester Old MissionPeter WineryMichigan Grape HarvestDumping White Wine GrapesGrapes in ReceiverChateau G.T. WineryWinery Tour Old MissionWine tanks Traverse City WineryWinery ProductionWinemaker Receiving Bin Grapes in Bins Chateau Grand Traverse

Pushing down reds  Harvest 2013 Michigan WineChateau Grand Traverse juice press  Wineries of Old MIssion PeninsulaPushing Down Red Wine Grapes  Joe Harvesting Old Mission WinesBernd Croissant in the press  Old Mission Peninsula Wine HarvestBernd

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