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  1. Wine Production Through the Years | Chateau Grand Traverse

    Posted November 15, 2019 in

    CGT’s Wine Production Through the Years Chateau Grand Traverse is the leading wine producer in Traverse City and, as a pioneer, has been paving the way for decades. So how exactly did this family-owned-and-operated Michigan winery get to where it is today? Dive in to the storied past of CGT’s wine production and history to […]

  2. Why Do Wine Glass Shapes Matter? | Chateau Grand Traverse

    Posted October 21, 2019 in

    Why Do Wine Glass Shapes Matter? Standing in front of dozens of wine glasses trying to pick out the perfect one for your wine can be intimidating. With more than 20 varieties of wine glasses available, you could easily end up with a whole kitchen cabinet dedicated to wine glasses. We’re here to tell you […]

  3. Behind the Scenes: A Winemaker’s Life

    Posted October 7, 2019 in

    Becoming a winemaker requires extensive knowledge and a passion for wine. Find out what it’s like to be a CGT winemaker, how much chemistry is actually involved, and what an average day looks like. What Does a Winemaker Do? Winemakers, also known as vintners and enologists, are responsible for overseeing the entire wine production process. […]

  4. Behind the Scenes: Bottling Wine at CGT

    Posted September 20, 2019 in

    Behind the Scenes: Bottling Wine at CGT What goes into the bottling of Chateau Grand Traverse wine and who is in charge of it? Keep reading to learn how CGT staff use complex wine bottling equipment from Italy, and how the important work gets done. Meet Our Bottling Production Manager Have you ever wondered who […]

  5. Pairing Wine With Ethnic Cuisine

    Posted August 21, 2019 in

    Pairing Wine with Ethnic Cuisine We don’t always think about drinking wine alongside ethnic cuisine, but by looking at the standout item in your meal and pairing it with a favorite wine, you can easily create an unforgettable food and wine pairing. Previously, our CGT team has showed how to pair Chateau Grand Traverse wine […]

  6. Red Wine Cookie Recipe | Chateau Grand Traverse

    Posted August 2, 2019 in

    Red Wine Cookie Recipe Red wine and cookies are an incredible combination, but what happens when you put red wine in your cookies? The answer is: magic! And the good news is that chef Perry at Chateau Grand Traverse has decided to share his signature red wine cookie recipe. These are the same red wine […]

  7. How to Taste Wine

    Posted July 26, 2019 in

    How to Taste Wine Tasting wine critically, like a sommelier does, can seem overwhelming if you’ve never tried it before. Our team at Chateau Grand Traverse is ready to share how to properly taste wine, critique it and describe its flavors through some commonly used adjectives. Wine tasting should be exploratory and fun, which is […]

  8. Wine Slushie Recipes for a Hot Summer Day

    Posted July 10, 2019 in

    Wine Slushie Recipes for a Hot Summer Day Wine slushies are perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day – or enjoying on a gorgeous summer evening. Commonly found on restaurant bar lists, wine slushies are not as difficult as you would think to make on your own. Impress your family and friends and […]

  9. How to Make a Wine Spritzer | Chateau Grand Traverse

    Posted June 14, 2019 in

    Sunshine and warm days are officially upon us, and we’re ready to help you prepare for these hot days with the perfect answer to the rising temps: wine spritzers! These Chateau Grand Traverse recipes are simple and will help make any hot summer day even more enjoyable. How to Make a Wine Spritzer There’s no […]

  10. The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Wine and Burgers

    Posted May 24, 2019 in

    Grilling season is here and we’re ready to give you the pairing you didn’t know you needed: wine and burgers! Don’t even consider grabbing a beer to go with your burger next time you grill – we’ve got some alternative plans that include all things red, white and rose! Below, we explore the cheese varieties, […]

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