Celebrate the Holiday Season with Simple Homemade Mulled Wine

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When there’s a chill in the air and the snow quietly falls outside, there’s no better way to warm your hands than with a steamy glass of mulled wine. This warm, gently spiced red wine drink is a holiday party classic for a reason – it’s satisfying, comforting, and fills your home with the scent of holiday spices.

We have a few mulled wine recipes for you, including the absolute easiest option for mulled wine, which you simply heat and serve.

Classic Mulled Wine

Any lover of mulled wine should have a classic version in their lineup, and this recipe from Gimme Some Oven is just that. Orange, spices, a little sweetener and optional brandy is exactly what most people think of when mulled wine comes to mind.

Try making this mulled wine with our Silhouette Red Table Wine.

Quick Cider-Mulled Wine

Spiked mulled cider and mulled wine are two of the most popular warm alcoholic drinks. This quick cider-mulled wine recipe brings them together into one ultimately warming beverage of fruity red wine, brandy, apple cider and a selection of spices. Quick to make – this mulled wine is sure to become a new favorite!

This version of mulled wine would also be great make with our Silhouette Red Table Wine.

Honey-Pomegranate Mulled Wine

For something more unique, try this honey-pomegranate mulled wine recipe from Food52. With just a few simple spices, honey and pomegranate juice added to the wine, this take on mulled wine comes together quickly and will taste like something truly special.

This take on mulled wine would be delightful made with our Mich Mash Red.

Spiced Cherry Wine from Traverse Bay Winery

The Spiced Cherry Wine from our Traverse Bay Winery line is the perfect option for those of us who want to drink mulled wine but can’t be bothered gathering the necessary ingredients. Pick up a bottle or five of this perfectly spiced cherry wine, warm it up and you’re ready to fill glasses!

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