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We don’t always think about drinking wine alongside ethnic cuisine, but by looking at the standout item in your meal and pairing it with a favorite wine, you can easily create an unforgettable food and wine pairing.

Previously, our CGT team has showed how to pair Chateau Grand Traverse wine with burgers and tacos, but today we’re taking our wine pairings to the next level!

First, the quick basics of wine pairing to give you some background:

The Basics of Food and Wine Pairings

Wondering how to pair your favorite wines with a new ethnic dish? There are four key parameters to keep in mind when pairing foods and beverages, they are:

Acidity — Your chosen wine should be more acidic than the paired dish.

Sweetness — Ideally, the wine should be sweeter than the course it’s being paired with.

Balance — Make sure your food and wine are equal partners. If the flavor intensity of one overpowers the other, your pairing will not be as successful. Hearty and intense flavors will require a red wine pairing, while lighter and more delicate flavors will require a white wine in order to strike that balance.

Prominence — Where is the most intense flavor from your food coming from? Match your wine to that prominent ingredient. Many times, this will be the sauce or a seasoning.

Food and Wine Pairings for Ethnic Cuisine

Check out these five expertly selected ethnic cuisine and CGT wine pairings:

Chinese Cuisine
When we think Chinese cuisine, we envision a delicious sweet-and-sour or sesame chicken over white rice or lo mein. On the side or as an appetizer might be wontons, dumplings or spring rolls. But how do you isolate one flavor among this cornucopia?

We suggest pairing your Chinese cuisine with a white wine, specifically a Riesling. For less sweet and spicier dishes, we recommend the CGT 2017 Dry Riesling. For sweeter, not spicy dishes, we recommend the 2017 Semi-Dry Riesling. Both Rieslings have fruit undertones that enhance a broad range of even the most unique Chinese cuisine flavors.

Mexican Cuisine
Many times you will find a delicious Mexican meal paired with a beer or margarita. Today, we’re here to challenge that idea and bring a bottle of wine into the picture! We recommend pairing your wine to the meat used in the dish. Here are a few varieties of meat you can find on a taco, gordita, tamale or empanada and which wine will pair best with it:

  • Chicken — We suggest pairing a chicken dish with our CGT 2017 Pinot Grigio. Most white wines will work nicely with Mexican dishes, however we suggest staying away from Chardonnays, as they end up tasting bitter.
  • Steak or beef — Staying true to character, we recommend pairing steak or beef with a red wine. Try our CGT 2017 Pinot Noir with your steak or beef Mexican dish. This dry red wine has a medium body and fruity finish that pairs especially well with the meat – and also grilled vegetables.
  • Pork or carnitas — The CGT 2017 Etcetera Rosé pairs nicely with juicy pork and spicy carnitas. The acidity from the rosé strikes the perfect balance with the flavorful pork.

Greek Cuisine
Geek food is simultaneously rich and refreshing. In Greek food you may encounter succulent lamb, rich yogurt sauces, garlic, lemon and dill. As red, grilled meat as the star in most of these dishes, we recommend pairing it with our CGT 2016 Silhouette. Expect this off-dry and medium-bodied wine to perfectly complement your grilled lamb dish.

If you’re enjoying a Greek dish that includes chicken and feta cheese, we recommend pairing your meal with something more unique and lighter in flavor. Try the CGT Cherry Riesling Wine, a sweeter-style blush with crisp flavors and a hint of fresh cherry, slightly chilled to complement your grilled fare and cheese.

Indian Cuisine
Known for its intense and bold flavors, Indian cuisine is incredibly fun to pair with wine. Two things to consider: how spicy is the dish and what is the sauce?

If you’re ready to enjoy  Butter Chicken or Tikka Masala, you would need to look for a wine that complements these delicious cream-based sauces. We recommend the assertive, clean and crisp 2017 Dry Riesling.

If the Indian dish is a high-in-spice curry or tomato-based sauce, try a super fruity and light wine such as a rosé. We recommend our new vibrant and fruity GTS Rosé.

Learn More About Food and Wine Pairings at Chateau Grand Traverse

Wine pairing should be fun and tasty, taking the meal to a whole new level. Visit us at Chateau Grand Traverse to taste a variety of wines to pair with your favorite new recipe. Our friendly staff is on hand to help you select a wine you’ll enjoy with any meal!

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