5 Simple Easter Wine Pairings

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Follow our simple wine pairing suggestions when planning your Easter dinner. Don’t be shy, there’s something for everyone!


Easter Dish: Rack of Lamb
Perfect Pair: Cabernet Franc

This traditional dish features one of the most wine-friendly meats, but it will be most enhanced by a full-bodied red wine. The rich flavors of lamb stand up to the bold tannins and peppery character of Cab Franc. Not a red wine lover? Try a dry rosé or champagne for equal enjoyment.


Easter Dish: Glazed Ham
Perfect Pair: Dry Riesling

The sweet and savory decadence of the traditional glazed ham is just begging for the crisp acidity of a dry Riesling. With hints of honeycomb and citrus, this mouth-watering combination is a great warmup for the rest of the meal.


Easter Dish: Roasted Carrots
Perfect Pair: Grüner Veltliner

Think spice! If you’re roasting carrots (or any other root vegetable) try to match with the inherent spices of the veggie as well as those you add to the dish. The white pepper character of Grüner Veltliner is a great selection.


Easter Dish: Mashed or Scalloped Potatoes
Perfect Pair: Pinot Noir

A comfort food favorite! Pair the velvety and soft flavors of your potato dish with a red wine that stands up to rich flavors without overpowering. Pinot Noir’s medium body and light tannins make it the perfect match. (And a staff favorite!)


Easter Dish: Lemon Meringue Pie
Perfect Pair: Late Harvest Riesling

Find a wine that can support and enhance the lemon zest and creaminess at dessert. Late Harvest Riesling fills the palate with citrus, peach, and orange blossom honey and leaves you with a hint of sweetness.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sweet company!