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Sunshine and warm days are officially upon us, and we’re ready to help you prepare for these hot days with the perfect answer to the rising temps: wine spritzers!

These Chateau Grand Traverse recipes are simple and will help make any hot summer day even more enjoyable.

How to Make a Wine Spritzer

There’s no reason to settle for a less-than-perfect pre-made wine spritzer available by the bottle because you can very easily make them yourself featuring your own favorite varieties of wine.

Try these three wine spritzer recipes featuring your favorite Chateau Grand Traverse wines and bright summer flavors:

White Wine Spritzer

This white wine spritzer recipe features a beautiful dry white wine from CGT with herbaceous and mineral qualities. Blend it with a simple, flavorful soda water and lime to enjoy a refreshing, light summer drink. Recommended food pairings: light, savory dishes such as seared scallops, pesto chicken, and stir-fry.

Rosé Wine Spritzer

This refreshing summer drink stars a CGT rosé with thirst-quenching acidity, robust berry flavors and subtle oaky earthiness. The balance of Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Franc all blended into the Etcetera Rosé makes this spritzer perfect for summertime sipping on the patio. Recommended food pairings: a juicy burger, grilled salmon, spicy paella or your favorite charcuterie.

Red Wine Spritzer

Our Gamay Noir is a light red wine that makes a fantastic spritzer. It’s easy to drink on summer nights, and its hints of tart cherries and wild strawberries make this red wine spritzer refreshingly aromatic. Recommended food pairings: cheese and breads, grilled salmon, roasted duck and wild mushroom pizza.

Create Your Own Wine Spritzer Recipe!

Creating your own spin on a wine spritzer is easy and fun! By simply combining two-parts chilled wine of your choice with one-part soda water or sparking beverage of your choice, you have the base to your own spritzer. Next, add in your favorite fruit to complement, and your summer day just got better.

Select Chateau Grand Traverse Wines for Summer

These delicious homemade wine spritzer recipes are light, easy to drink, and sure to please. If you are looking for great warm-weather wine to enjoy on its own merits, check out our recent blog with our best wines for summer vibes.

All of the wines for these homemade spritzer recipes can be purchased online: view our online store to order your favorite wines today. If you have any questions regarding wine spritzer recipes or the best wines for summer, visit us at Chateau Grand Traverse for assistance from our friendly, knowledgeable tasting room staff.