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Grilling season is here and we’re ready to give you the pairing you didn’t know you needed: wine and burgers! Don’t even consider grabbing a beer to go with your burger next time you grill – we’ve got some alternative plans that include all things red, white and rose!

Below, we explore the cheese varieties, meat types and possible toppings to help you find your perfect vino match:

Classic Burger

The juiciness and char from the grill make the classic burger a perfect partner for a Cabernet Franc or Pinot Noir. The complex character of the Chateau Grand Traverse 2016 Pinot Noir Reserve pairs perfectly with savory dishes and red meats, helping your burger shine the way beer never can!


This is essentially the classic burger with some added creamy and nutty cheddar cheese! For this burger, we recommend our Grand Traverse Select Sweet Harvest Riesling. Apricot, honey and melon give this wine the perfect balance for all things barbecue. Bonus points: This wine is also great when paired with pasta salad, which, in our opinion, is the perfect grilling side dish!

Lamb Burger

Opa! We love a good lamb burger with feta, red onion and tzatziki. This type of burger may seem like a difficult match, but we’ve got you covered! Since feta is highly salty, rich and acidic, we recommend pairing it with our 2017 Silhouette. This blended red has the fruit and earthiness to match the lamb bite for bite, but also the brightness to complement feta’s salty goodness.

Turkey Burger

Not into red meat? We recommend a delicious Pinot Grigio to pair with poultry perfection. Our 2019 Pinot Grigio’s floral-citrus flavors and herbaceous style is perfect for the lighter side of summertime grilling. We also recommend adding pesto to your turkey burger to take it to the next level!

Burger Toppings

  • Bacon & Cheese
    • Riesling is bacon’s best friend! Between the dazzling fruit and crisp citrus flavors, we can’t think of a better pairing than our 2019 Dry Riesling. You can also pair this wine with all things pork and barbecue sauce!
  • Mushroom & Swiss
    • One of our favorite topping combinations has to be mushroom and swiss! We recommend checking out a Chardonnay to fully enjoy this delicious burger. Our 2018 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay helps cut through the fattiness of the meat and creamy toppings.

No beer pressure here! We can’t wait to see you grillside with a glass of CGT wine and the perfect burger to go with it. Visit our online shop to order your CGT wine to accompany your favorite burger!

If you have any questions regarding wine pairings or wine tastings visit us at Chateau Grand Traverse for assistance.